Richmond Permanent Makeup – by Gemma Levy

Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin with Perfectly Applied Permanent Makeup

How Permanent Makeup Can Change Your Life…

I hated holiday pictures by the pool, I always looked like I had no eyebrows and no eyes! Then I had permanent makeup, WOW what a difference, it was so nice waking up in the morning, catching sight of myself in the mirror and not being horrified at what was looking back. The best thing about permanent make up is how much more confidence it gives you.

Who is permanent makeup for?

Anyone who wants to enhance their natural features. For an evening party you might want a heavier makeup look, which you can add on top of permanent makeup but you wouldn’t want that look all the time. I want to create a look that helps you feel comfortable in your own skin, helps you stop worrying about your imperfections and helps you save so much time.



Richmond Permanent Makeup Permanent Eyebrows

Imagine never having to worry about you eyebrows again. I can give you beautiful natural eyebrows that you don’t have to try drawing on yourself everyday or have them disappearing half way through the day.


Richmond Permanent Makeup Permanent Eyeliner

Wake up with some definition to your eyes. Do you get asked if your ill when you decide to give your eye makeup a miss? Then permanent eyeliner would be just the thing to make you feel amazing.

Permanent Lip
Liner & Lip Blush

Richmond Permanent Makeup Permanent Lips

A beautiful blush of colour to your lips will give you a healthy glow, make your lips appear fuller and more defined.

Richmond Permanent Makeup

What You Need to Know

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Why Are Clients Traveling From Miles Around To Have Their Permanent Makeup Done With Gemma at Richmond Permanent Makeup? …

Top reasons people choose to have permanent makeup:

  • To boost their confidence

  • To save themselves time

  • They are sensitive to cosmetics

  • They have lost eyebrow hair

  • Not having to worry about their makeup smudging when doing physical activities like swimming, running and biking

  • To Look younger

  • To gain more definition to their features

  • They have a busy life style

 – Read some of my client’s reviews below to see what they say about their permanent makeup …

Richmond Permanent Makeup

Client Testimonials

Amber, Stevenage

“I had my lips, eyeliner and brows done with Gemma to save myself time but it’s given me so much more than that as I feel much more confident now and all my friends and family love it.”

Tania, London

“I was thinking about having semi permanent makeup for a while but couldn’t decide who to go with, a friend recommended Gemma and when I had my consultation with her I knew I wanted her to do the treatment as she was very genuine and wasn’t pushing me into having a treatment.”

Stephanie, London

“I exercise regularly and was fed up with loosing my eyebrows, it’s so nice not having to think about them anymore.”

Karina, London

“So happy I chose Gemma to do my eyebrows, I was really nervous about having them done and if they would look natural, Gemma was very calm and patient with me and I’m very pleased with them. “

Richmond Permanent Makeup

Client Portfolio

Permenent makeup artist Gemma Levy

Gemma Levy

Richmond Permanent Makeup

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